100% Compostable packaging

Beautiful, functional and compostable even at home - these are envelopes made partly from plants, which have the same use as classic plastic envelopes. 100% compostable (verified by the OK Compost HOME certificate)
The pleasantly matte surface of the envelopes reveals that they are not made of ordinary plastic that pollutes nature - the envelopes are made of PLA (from corn), corn starch and PBAT (biodegradable thermoplastic).
After use, the envelopes can be composted in the garden - under the influence of light, heat, water and microorganisms, they decompose into CO2, water and biomass. So no microplastics or unwanted toxins. The guaranteed decomposition time is 12 months in the conditions of a home composter.

Status after 3 months:

Your questions answered here:


Do you ship outside the Europe?

Yes, we ship almost worldwide. Please be aware that Customs costs could be applied to orders for countries outside the EU. Stoked Guy is now based in Portugal.

How long until i get my order?

It depends on where you are. It takes us around 2-4 days to process your freshly made order and ship it your way.
Shipping times for Countries are as follows:
EU Countries - 5-14 Days
Outside EU- 7-21 Days

I think my order got lost. What do i do?

If you think your package may be lost. Please call the courier company and provide them with your tracking number as soon as possible.
If you are unsure of where to find your tracking number, it was sent via a shipping conformation E-mail. Please be sure to check your Spam folder as sometimes it can land in there.

What your clothing SIZING?

You can find a clickable size chart button under the product image on every product page.
Simply refer to the chart, take a measuring stick and measure the length and width of something you already have that fits you. Then compare this and find the closest size from the chart to make a decision on what size of ours would work for you.

How do RETURNS work?

We are a very small owned and operated business. I (Pete) pack and ship everything myself and take care of every single detail and perfection. I ask you to kindly keep this in mind when you order from us.
If you could please make sure that you’ve checked our sizing charts and chosen the size that would fit you correctly, this would be a huge help to us by avoiding unnecessary returns.
If you absolutely must send something back, please keep in mind- We don’t provide return labels (That would be unfortunately out of our budget). Therefore, you will need to pay this yourself.

Any other questions?

Please contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you :)