Hey there, groms and shredders!
Pete here, the Stoked Guy. Yep, a surfer dude from the Czech Republic. Landlocked central European country, not exactly known for epic breaks.
But you know what? Obsession doesn't care about geography. One vacation taste of that salty but sweet ocean spray, and I was hooked.
So, I packed my bags, traded mountains for the sunny Algarve coast in Portugal. Sure, it wasn't easy, but the journey (and the epic wipeouts) are all part of the stoke, right?
Stoked Guy is for surfers who chase the dream, no matter the distance. It's for the inland crew who hit the beach every chance they get, the weekend warriors living for that next wave hype.
Even when the ocean's flat or too far, the call of the waves is relentless. So we grab our skateboards, hit the river surf, or find some other way to shred. Because the stoke is a lifestyle, not just a location.
Stoked Guy goes beyond clothing, it's a way of life built around chasing waves and protecting them.
We believe that small actions can lead to big change, which is why we PLANT MANGROVE TREES and REMOVE OCEAN-BOUND PLASTIC with every order. We also use only high quality ECO-FRIENDLY materials for our packaging and clothing. Because a healthy planet means more epic swells for everyone!
Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, whether you live by the beach or dream of it, we welcome you to join this journey.
Let's catch some waves, shred streets, plant some trees, clean our seas, and show the world that you can be stoked and eco-friendly at the same time. ♻️
Together, we can make a difference.
See you out there, stoked and ready!