At Stoked Guy we’re proud to be part of a movement that’s collecting 7 billion ocean-bound plastic bottles by the end of 2025 🌎 

Encompassing more than 70% of Earth's surface, the ocean plays a crucial role in sustaining life. It not only supplies over 95% of the world's biodiversity but also provides essential functions such as oxygen production, climate regulation, and food resources for billions. Additionally, marine ecosystems like plankton, kelp forests, and coastal mangroves excel at carbon sequestration, outperforming their land-based counterparts. Our reliance on the ocean underscores its irreplaceable significance in maintaining a balanced and thriving planet.
Every day, an astonishing 2 million kilograms of plastic pour into our oceans, akin to a new truckload of plastic every minute. Without intervention, the scale of plastic in our oceans is projected to surpass the weight of the resident fish by 2050. This emphasizes the urgent need for action to address this growing environmental crisis.
Through our partnership with Ocean Co, every product sold results in the collection of 1 kilogram of ocean-bound plastic. This initiative aims to address the pressing issue of plastic pollution while simultaneously supporting livelihoods in critically affected coastal regions globally.
Coastal communities facing severe plastic pollution, including those in the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, India, and Indonesia, actively engage in plastic collection. In partnership with Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change, and rePurpose, these communities exchange the collected plastic for monetary compensation or digital credits. These credits can be redeemed for various essentials such as education, technology goods, healthcare, and micro-finance. The collaboration with these partners establishes secure collection sites and utilizes traceable technology to ensure the transparency and safety of transactions for plastic collectors.

To learn more, and track our impact, use the link below to check out our impact dashboard